Our Mission

Bend in Unity

Join hundreds of your soon to be closest friends in a powerful practice of unity and breath. The Southern Bend Festival aims at uniting the Chattanooga community in joyful celebration of healthy living through mindful movement. Featuring unique sessions lead by the masterful teachings of nationally acclaimed yogis who offer up their wisdom and light to guide you through a wondrous experience.


In 2017 Southern Bend Is happy to continue benefiting the Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA) which helps U.S. transplant families avoid financial ruin. Learn more about COTA here.

Why the name?

We believe a bend in perspective can accumulate and build into a movement large enough to change the world we live in or direct enough to change the life of one precious child.

Be the bend.

Let go of what is holding you back; find freedom and peace through community so you can cultivate strength to change what needs to be changed.

Get on the mat.

Find peace in the present moment, connect with a greater spirit, shape and heal the body, practice kindness through awareness of yourself and others.

Take if off the mat.

As mindful members of this world, inspire others by leading. Find a need and be fearless. Go forward and be strong!